Volkswagen Car Payment Relief in Milwaukee, WI

Volkswagen Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

Are you dealing with a stressful financial situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Many auto lenders want to support their customers through these tough times by providing relief programs. If your vehicle was financed by Volkswagen Credit, you can discuss your loan relief options with your lender by phone.

How is Volkswagen Credit Assisting Their Customers?

Volkswagen Credit provides tailored loan relief solutions that are uniquely designed for the customer’s situation. One of the options that some borrowers will qualify for is a loan deferment. If you are struggling financially at this time, your next step is to contact your auto lender to explore the options that you qualify for.

End of Lease Options

Many drivers who have a Volkswagen lease choose to surrender their vehicle at the end of the lease, and others prefer to purchase the vehicle with a loan or to extend the lease for a short period of time. To get firm details about the specific options that you qualify for, contact the dealership today.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Volkswagen Loan Deferment?

An auto loan deferment could help you to avoid a negative mark on your credit report and other ramifications of late payments. If Volkswagen Credit approves your loan deferment, all scheduled payments for the approved time period can be skipped. Your loan term will be extended by the length of the deferment period, and you will make any skipped payments at that time. Interest charges will accrue until the loan is paid in full, so a deferment can increase the total amount of interest charged on your loan.

How Does a Volkswagen Loan Deferment Affect My Credit?

A loan deferment is a lender-approved adjustment to the terms of your loan, so the deferment and all skipped payments during that period will not damage your credit score. Late or skipped payments outside of the deferment will reflect on your credit rating.

How Do I Request a Volkswagen Loan Deferment?

A loan deferment is only one of several types of loan relief that may be available to you through Volkswagen Credit. Contact your lender today by phone or online to get details about your options.